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 I would be shocked by the sloppiness of this if it came from Fredericton's government, and as y'all know, that's saying something.

See, according to Toronto's police chief, "an Ontario man" wrote him an e-mail expressing concern about the police brutality!  He doesn't see fit to tell us this Ontario man's name or what part of Ontario he comes from, but apparently it is close enough to Toronto that he regularly drives in to attend shows!  Well isn't that nice.   Anyway, this man wants Chief Blair to know that he is in his mid-fifties (translation: not one of those young troublemakers!) and that he attends shows with his wife (not one of those dirty queers!) but that he is nonetheless concerned about the police brutality.

It is not very likely I will see members of the ‘black block’ or whatever they are called, the fools who caused so much damage, but I will regularly see your staff, and after what I am reading and hearing on the radio, I will do my best to avoid them.

There is a lot of shame to go around there this weekend. I hope your people are feeling their fair share.

Well, this cannot be borne! Chief Blair writes back, he informs us, 34 minutes later (not 30 or 35, 34):

Contrary to your comments, I am enormously proud of my officers and the officers who gathered from across Canada to protect the Summit and the City. If you chose to align yourself with the Criminals that victimized my officers and my citizens, that is your right.

Yeah, I bet their fists kind of hurt after gut-punching that unarmed journalist.  And when you hold hundreds of people in overcrowded cages for hours on end, they start to smell bad!  Who wants to be around smelly people?  Won't someone think of the poor victimized officers?

The people who were released from detention without being charged with any crime are nonetheless criminals. Not just criminals, Criminals.

I am in receipt of thousands of emails and phone calls of support and congratulations from honest, law abiding Canadians, who appreciate the courage and dedication of their police services.

"Lur-kers, lur-kers, lurkers support me, you'll see, you'll seeeeeeee..."

The police did an extraordinary job in the face of criminal provocation and danger. Your criticism, like the handful of similar sentiments expressed by the naive and uninformed will be given all the attention that it deserves.

Translation: "Go fuck yourself."

But hey, this Ontario man has some reason in him! Some respect for police! Yahoo!

Chief Blair, your direct and strong words and clear pride in your officers has left me ashamed for having written what I did earlier. I apologize.

Translation: "You said what you said really emphatically, so it must be true! I should go fuck myself!"

I don't doubt there are thousands of Canadians who really are this stupid, but that just leads me to wonder, again, why Blair couldn't (or at any rate, didn't) find anyone willing to put his or her name on this little exchange.

I could very well be naive and uninformed and that is not a place to judge from, which I did.

Seriously, there are Soviet propaganda posters hanging in hipster apartments that are more convincing than this.

Also, why is this so funny to me?

maybe I just have a dumb sense of humourCollapse )

It's like, a covert battle of wills!  Over a chair!  A hideous f@$#ing chair!

Oh shut up.

Just spreading this around
It's An Engineer's Guide To Cats!


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Okay, I will drop this, but first, here are some stand-out comments from the Reclusive Leftist site (man, they are not kidding about the "reclusive" part):

How did it suddenly become shameful to have the background of a typical American woman, married with kids, college, a job, etc.?

I wasn't aware the typical American woman had been to college. I also wasn't aware that "married with kids, college, a job" was specific to Palin. Apparently that's why feminist liberals don't like Palin -- because she's married with kids, went to college and has a job. The Women Against Michelle Obama site is gearing up as I write.

When Sarah Palin spoke at the convention I instantly recognized her as kin, metaphorically speaking, because she’s so similar to my real blood kin. I’m related to lots of women like her. She reminds me particularly of one of my cousins.

Yeah, liking a candidate because she looks like your relatives isn't racially loaded at all.

Here is a woman who isn’t following the liberal feminist playbook, yet has achieved success in the male world. She didn’t focus her whole teen years on getting into an ivy league school. She college hopped, but did get a degree. She was a beauty queen. She married and had four (and now five) children. And, she lives in Alaska! So far away from the centers of power it isn’t even flyover country. She has broken every rule — and yet look where she is. Outrageous!

Yeah, that's it. Liberal feminist women are just jealous because they aren't beauty queens (and you know all "liberal feminists" -- by which I assume the commenter means feminist liberals, not liberal feminists -- went to Ivy League schools and live in big cities). This person should write speeches for Rush Limbaugh.

Although SP does not espouse the liberal feminist positions regarding reproductive choice, to me she embodies a feminist in that she is proving that a woman can flourish in the male world without sacrificing her desire to have children.

Phyllis Schlafly also flourished in the male world and had a lot of children. So basically we're defining "feminist" as "woman who is personally successful." Getting ahead for yourself is a feminist act, no matter how you accomplish it and no matter what you actually believe.

And I like that line about "without sacrificing her desire to have children". Because women who don't have children (or don't have children yet) have by definition sacrificed their desire to have children, because all women want children, now, and it's just that some of us bought into the myth that we should go to university and such, and our ladyparts got starved from all that blood unnaturally flowing to our brains, and our wombs started wandering around our bodies in search of sustenance, and also women who go to Ivy League schools don't have children. Ever. They give you a tubal ligation in frosh week.

Anglaches has pointed out that Palin with her not upper middle class life and standards is a kick in the face to all the people who thought that they are better and will always be better than the “lower classes”.

Yeah, she fired the governor's mansion chef because she wanted to cook for her family! How many of you have fired your chefs, you elitist jerks?

Classism is the same reason the Third Wave and Obama Movement hate the Clintons. They hate that he came from lower class roots and climbed to the top while having the gall to be successful with women.

Whereas Barack Obama was born with a silver spoon in his mouth.

I am still shocked by it and I still reject it– especially coming from my fellow Leftists whom I thought believed everyone was equal– apparently if you’re the right pigmentation you’re more equal but if you’re the wrong gender you are not only less equal but something to be owned, used, and then exterminated.

It's reverse racism, I tell you! REVERSE RACISM!!!!!1!!eleven!

Personally, having experienced pregnancy and birth, I have to wonder if life isn’t as consistently feminist a POV as choice is. I know for myself I loved the little zygote and the little fetus that grew to be my daughter, I loved it from the minute I found out about it. I know to this day that I love that child like no other person living ever will. It’s the nature of being a well-balanced, good mother. So why is it different just because that fetus is unwanted?

Why, indeed? I mean, only an unbalanced woman would want an abortion! Who cares what unbalanced people want?

I’m not willing to say that Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Susan B. Anthony, and Mary Wollstonecraft weren’t feminists. They were all fervent anti-abortionists.

Yes, and as we all know, the state of medical science and the legal rights of women were exactly the same in Mary Wollstonecraft's day, which is why Wollstonecraft did not die of postpartum sepsis but instead lived to bomb the very first Planned Parenthood clinic.

With the options available to women today, it’s just as easy to argue that if a woman didn’t want that person in her uterus, she shouldn’t have invited them in. Every unprotected sexual act invites pregnancy.

"If you don't want a child, don't open your legs". I think I've read this before.

I think the modern feminist movement has become overly fixated on abortion, almost the way the First Wave was overly fixated on suffrage. Obviously the vote was imperative, but it was not the silver bullet. Women got the vote, and continued to be second-class citizens.

So I take it if McCain ran on a "disfranchise women" platform you would vote for that too?

Yeah, when you don’t want a child right now because of school/ work/financiary problems/ etc, you can have an abortion and get it over with. Yet there is a backlash to it: how many women who alreay HAVE children have faced the “if you can’t afford kids you shouldn’t have had them” retort which translates in lack of paid maternity leave, lack of options regarding flexible work, good career options for mothers, affordable childcare, etc?

The result of this is a species of “selfish feminist” who is in it only for herself.

Only selfish women have abortions! (Wait, I could swear I've read this before...)

It’s sometimes hard to know who the misogynistic feminists are. They seem to be feminists, equal pay for work of equal value, equal representation, equal access; but they hate anything that is female, that can only be done by females. Child birth, child rearing.

Child rearing can only be done by females! And did you know that if you don't want to do something at every possible opportunity, that means you hate it and everyone who does it? I didn't either, but then I am one of those skanky younger feminists.

Sarah Palin reminds one of the American frontierswomen - isn’t that an American icon to be proud of?

Yup, the romance of the American frontier: a source of pride for everyone.

In other news, the definition of "lie" has been changed to "thing I don't want to hear, la la la".

These women deserve McCain.

You know, sometimes I'm not sure what I find most upsetting about the Manitoba bus murder: the fact that it happened or the fact that so many supposedly "normal" and "decent" people are using it as an excuse to be horrible.

(I am not posting an actual link to the story because it is incredibly gruesome.)

It isn't a sign that our immigration system is too relaxed. (Li is a legal immigrant -- a citizen, in fact -- with no prior criminal record; how on earth do you make that an immigration issue? Unless you are a xenophobic piece of shit, that is.) It isn't a sign that our justice system is too lenient (again, he had no criminal record). It isn't a sign that everyone with a mental illness should be locked up and the key thrown away.

The ignorance of people -- about the law, about mental illness, about basic human psychology -- really infuriates me sometimes. No, Li would not "fry tomorrow" had this happened in the States. No, the schizophrenics who hang out in your local park are not going to kill you. No, the fact that Li said "please kill me" in a courtroom does not indicate shit about his sanity or lack thereof at the time of the murder (or even at the time of the utterance). No, "we" do not need to make an example of him, unless you think ordinary people actually need to be dissuaded from stabbing strangers (which makes me nervous about riding a bus with you). No, it is not legal negligence for an ordinary civilian to run the fuck away from a crazed person brandishing a knife, nor should it be. No, you don't know what the murder victim's family is going through or what they would want to happen to Li; show some respect.


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I just discovered that the Alberta government runs a service called "Dial-A-Law." I know it's an information service, but...Dial-A-Law! I'm picturing people calling during slow moments at work so a woman with a soothing voice can read them randomly selected statutes. Like maybe this one.

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Oh my god Rebecca Eckler sucks she sucks so much how can anybody stand it.

And yet the comments on the G&M website just make it worse. Rebecca Eckler is a pretentious gold-digger. It embarrasses me to read her, especially when she proudly reports having done things like sending her ex-fiancé an e-mail "from" their four-year-old daughter asking for help in buying a spa day for "the best mommy ever." Lorelei Lee wasn't that crass. But almost all the comments boil down to the usual shite about how Eckler shouldn't want anything expensive or any time to herself (or any child support, for that matter) and should be doing the proper motherly thing, eating table scraps and making her own facial masks out of cat feces or something.

In conclusion, Eckler should have bought her own spa day, and people suck.

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poll, i has it
What is the best LOLcat genre?
Im in ur...
I has it/let me show you it
Ur doin it wrong
Oh hai
I made you a...but I eated it
Monorail cat
Emo cat
I can has...
Ceiling cat
I hate LOLcats, sunshine, rainbows and democracy.

I have the second season of The Wire and I can't bring myself to watch it. It's too depressing. Almost everyone in that show is lonely and sad and messed up and on the make, and everything that is happy gets fucked up in short order.

Nope, sitcoms it is. Alas, I have watched all the episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. How's Extras?

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Jesus effing Christ.

(There is a link to a news article in the blog post, but the article is deeply irritating, so I linked to the post instead.)

I've got to put in a plug for RadGeek. I'm not a libertarian (and I don't know how this guy can stand to associate with most self-described libertarians), but I've learned a lot from him.


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