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I have the second season of The Wire and I can't bring myself to watch it. It's too depressing. Almost everyone in that show is lonely and sad and messed up and on the make, and everything that is happy gets fucked up in short order.

Nope, sitcoms it is. Alas, I have watched all the episodes of The Office and 30 Rock. How's Extras?

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Extras takes a couple of episodes to get going, but it's hilarious. I also recommend Curb Your Enthusiam (every season, but particularly 3, I think. Whichever one it is where Larry is investing in a restaurant), the Venture Brothers, Harvey Birdman and Flight of the Conchords. Oh, and the first season of Little Britain.

I didn't like Extras either! So now the comments are evenly split, how helpful for you! :)

My fall-back comedies are usually Will & Grace, or Sports Night. I also quite enjoy Scrubs, Arrested Development, and Friends (yes, I admit it.) Also Sex and the City, though I can understand if that's not your cup of tea right at this exact moment.

(Also, I do own at least one season of each of those shows, if you wanted to borrow anything!)

I thought Extras was quite clever, and don't regret taking it in. How about The IT Crowd? I highly endorse it... and I think you might appreciate it. Take in one episode at least, if you never have before.

I've only seen a few episodes of Extras and I like it more for Scottish woman whose name I cannot remember right now, than I do for Gervais. I second the vote for Flight of the Conchords and submit one of my own:

I really like How I Met Your Mother. It's better than Friends. A++ would watch and LOL again.

I like Extras! It's exceedingly awkward and you wind up watching a lot of it with your hands over your face, but it is really funny.

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