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Oh my god Rebecca Eckler sucks she sucks so much how can anybody stand it.

And yet the comments on the G&M website just make it worse. Rebecca Eckler is a pretentious gold-digger. It embarrasses me to read her, especially when she proudly reports having done things like sending her ex-fiancé an e-mail "from" their four-year-old daughter asking for help in buying a spa day for "the best mommy ever." Lorelei Lee wasn't that crass. But almost all the comments boil down to the usual shite about how Eckler shouldn't want anything expensive or any time to herself (or any child support, for that matter) and should be doing the proper motherly thing, eating table scraps and making her own facial masks out of cat feces or something.

In conclusion, Eckler should have bought her own spa day, and people suck.

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Okay, this is really funny because I also have been spending the last fifteen minutes mulling over how much Rebecca Eckler sucks. And trying to figure out how/when her fiancé turned into an ex, because I'm like that.

Well, I didn't read her columns in the Post, but I gather one of them was about how he used to leave her little "surprises" of $100 bills on the bedside table, that kind of thing.

I'm not inclined to think he's much of a prize himself (I mean, who does that? What kind of person consents to being treated as a walking wallet?), but she really, really sucks.

Personally, I like my little "surprises" to not make me feel like a prostitute. It's a thing.

I'm just surprised because last I'd heard, she was still slumming it in Calgary, where she was pleasantly relieved to find that they DO have Starbucks after all.

Personally, I like my little "surprises" to not make me feel like a prostitute. It's a thing.

You're so picky.

Yes. I really should just accept that, deep down, all women are whores. But, sadly, I am broken and I can't. So I guess I will just have to continue to be boring and dejected in my whole "belief in equality" shit.

Well, here's the story from two years ago:

My god. She overshares to a ridiculous degree. I am really having trouble picturing a man who would put up with her shit, let alone encourage it.

Yes, I saw that! But seemingly it was fine, because about a year or so ago she had a lovely and annoyingly-written spread in Canadian House & Home about her extremely pretentious house in Calgary, with frequent mentions of "her partner, the lawyer."

The oversharing I could deal with. It's the utter inability to be a functional human being that I don't get. And, you know, some men like nonfunctional women. Makes them feel manlier.

She loves her shit, but she lets it go so easy. She’d almost thank us for breaking priceless thises and thats when we were ruddy little nakeds running around the house in winter.

Ugh, I know! It sucks how so many commenters use this as a forum to complain about the high cost of child support.

I think that keeping Eckler in print is actually a mysogynistic plot on the part of the Globe: she just makes women look so damn bad.

She really does. I feel like she sets feminism back a few months with every paragraph she publishes.

I don't think they're sitting in a back room rubbing their hands together going "muahaha, how can we make women look bad?" but at the same time, you've got to ask what the target readership is for this crap. There are lots of talented female writers out there who don't suck; why is she famous?

I can't get the link to work. huh.

Is Rebecca Eckler a commenter or a writer?

A writer.

Here's the first three paragraphs of the article (really, it gives you enough of an idea):

On behalf of my four-year-old, who has a Yahoo account in her name, I recently sent an e-mail to her father, who lives in Alberta.

"Hi Daddy," I typed, as my daughter was fast asleep. "Mommy has been talking about Mother's Day. I only have 143 pennies in my piggy bank. She's the best mommy ever. She's been pretty exhausted. I'd like to get her something nice. Can you help? Love you."

It was a slightly pathetic, but possibly cute, way of reminding my daughter's father about Mother's Day.

That's awfully self-centered and egotistical of her.

I hate Becky Ecky with a passion that borders on the pathological. I'm assuming she was trying to be funny with her comments about her four year old but, as always, she misses the mark. Is she from another planet, where the rules for reasonable behaviour are different?

Can her four year old count to 143?

I don't even know why I read these sections of the G&M anymore. Just for the reassuring blood-pressure spike, I guess.

I think I do it because I vaguely remember when it used to be interesting, and so I think it might be good this time. In other words, I am incapable of learning.

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