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to be sung to the tune of "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean"
dorothy, baffled
 I would be shocked by the sloppiness of this if it came from Fredericton's government, and as y'all know, that's saying something.

See, according to Toronto's police chief, "an Ontario man" wrote him an e-mail expressing concern about the police brutality!  He doesn't see fit to tell us this Ontario man's name or what part of Ontario he comes from, but apparently it is close enough to Toronto that he regularly drives in to attend shows!  Well isn't that nice.   Anyway, this man wants Chief Blair to know that he is in his mid-fifties (translation: not one of those young troublemakers!) and that he attends shows with his wife (not one of those dirty queers!) but that he is nonetheless concerned about the police brutality.

It is not very likely I will see members of the ‘black block’ or whatever they are called, the fools who caused so much damage, but I will regularly see your staff, and after what I am reading and hearing on the radio, I will do my best to avoid them.

There is a lot of shame to go around there this weekend. I hope your people are feeling their fair share.

Well, this cannot be borne! Chief Blair writes back, he informs us, 34 minutes later (not 30 or 35, 34):

Contrary to your comments, I am enormously proud of my officers and the officers who gathered from across Canada to protect the Summit and the City. If you chose to align yourself with the Criminals that victimized my officers and my citizens, that is your right.

Yeah, I bet their fists kind of hurt after gut-punching that unarmed journalist.  And when you hold hundreds of people in overcrowded cages for hours on end, they start to smell bad!  Who wants to be around smelly people?  Won't someone think of the poor victimized officers?

The people who were released from detention without being charged with any crime are nonetheless criminals. Not just criminals, Criminals.

I am in receipt of thousands of emails and phone calls of support and congratulations from honest, law abiding Canadians, who appreciate the courage and dedication of their police services.

"Lur-kers, lur-kers, lurkers support me, you'll see, you'll seeeeeeee..."

The police did an extraordinary job in the face of criminal provocation and danger. Your criticism, like the handful of similar sentiments expressed by the naive and uninformed will be given all the attention that it deserves.

Translation: "Go fuck yourself."

But hey, this Ontario man has some reason in him! Some respect for police! Yahoo!

Chief Blair, your direct and strong words and clear pride in your officers has left me ashamed for having written what I did earlier. I apologize.

Translation: "You said what you said really emphatically, so it must be true! I should go fuck myself!"

I don't doubt there are thousands of Canadians who really are this stupid, but that just leads me to wonder, again, why Blair couldn't (or at any rate, didn't) find anyone willing to put his or her name on this little exchange.

I could very well be naive and uninformed and that is not a place to judge from, which I did.

Seriously, there are Soviet propaganda posters hanging in hipster apartments that are more convincing than this.


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